Why Incorporate Company in Singapore?
Our extensive experience and standardized processes enable us to provide efficient and high quality formation of Company in Singapore and related corporate services to our global clients. 
We are directly on-line with relevant government bodies for preparing and filing all the necessary paperwork to get your Singapore company formation started quickly and hassle-free.
Our target clients include small to mid-size local and foreign companies, entrepreneurs, and startups around the world interested in setting up a Company in Singapore and related services. 
Advantages of forming a Company in Singapore:
  • No tax on annual profits for up to S$ 100,000 for the first three years of forming a Company in Singapore 
  • Tax exemption between 50%-75% on annual profits up to S$ 300,000 for a company in Singapore 
  • Low corporate tax rate of 17% for a company in Singapore 
  • Minimum bureaucracy and red tape leading to quick and hassle free Singapore company formation,
  • 100% foreign shareholding allowed,
  • Rated as World's easiest place to do business,
  • Rated as Asia's best place to live, work, and play,
  • Liberal immigration policies for skilled foreigners,
If you have any queries on how we can serve you, please feel free to call our hotline +65 6536 0417 or CONTACT US
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