After your company has been registered and incorporated, we can help you apply and register for various licences, permits, passes and exemptions, as well as process and file your tax returns and accounts with the relevant authorities.

Employment Passes -

1. What is an Employment Pass?

Foreigners working in Singapore must hold an Employment Pass. They must be Degree holders from a recognised tertiary institution and earn a monthly salary of $3,000 and more.

2. What is an EntrePass?

A foreign entrepreneur who is ready to start a new company/business and will be actively involved in the operation of the company/business in Singapore can apply for the EntrePass.

3. What is a Dependant’s Pass?

Employment Pass, EntrePass and S Pass holders may apply for Dependant's Passes (DPs) for their spouse; or unmarried/legally adopted children under 21 years of age.

4. Does Company need to print its ACRA registration no.?

ACRA Registration No.

Section 144 (1A) applies only to Singapore-incorporated companies. It is meant for both private and public companies. Hence, this new requirement does not apply to Sole Proprietorship & partnership. overseas branches of local companies and local business firms, subsidiary companies registered in Singapore & registered business whose owner is a Singapore-incorporated company. Sole proprietorships and partnerships are governed by the Business Registration Act and Regulations. Regulation 11 requires businesses to print their registration number on all documents used for the purpose of the business

The suggested acceptable presentation formats are as follows: – Company Registration Number XXXXX – Co. Reg. No. XXXXX – Reg. No. XXXXX

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