1. How many directors do I need to incorporate a Singapore company?

You need at least one director, who must be a local resident. This person can be either a Singapore citizen, permanent resident or be a foreigner holding either an Employment Pass or a Dependant’s Pass. However, a Letter of Consent from the Ministry of Manpower is required should the Dependant Pass holder wishes to work in Singapore.

2. Can foreigners be directors of a Singapore-incorporated company?

Yes, foreigners can be directors of Singapore-incorporated companies.

3. Can all the directors be foreigners based outside Singapore?

No, at least one of the directors must be a local resident, i.e. a Singapore citizen, permanent resident, or a foreigner who is either an Employment Pass or Dependant’s Pass holder. This means that all your directors can be foreigners as long as they are officially residing in Singapore. Alternatively, as long as you have one resident director, all the other directors can be foreigners based outside Singapore.

4. Does a Singapore company need to appoint a Company Secretary?

Yes, a company incorporated in Singapore is required to have a professionally qualified local company secretary within six months of its incorporation.

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