1. Can foreigners own 100 per cent of a Singapore-registered company?

Yes, Singapore law allows foreigners to own 100 per cent of a Singapore-registered company.

2. What is the minimum paid-up capital?

The paid-up capital, which is the investment paid in full by the shareholders, is set at a minimum of $1.

3. Can I start using my paid-up capital immediately after the formation of my Singapore company?

Yes, you can start using your paid-up capital immediately. There is no lock-out period.

4. Can the paid-up capital be increased after the formation of the company?

Yes, the paid-up capital can be increased at any time after the formation of the company and with the necessary documentation. We can help you expedite this.

5.What is the minimum authorised capital?

There is no minimum authorised capital set for companies incorporated in Singapore.

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