For Start-Ups (Local and Foreign Owned)

If you are just setting up your operations, we can help you:

  • Incorporate your company: We will help you expedite the formation and registration of your company by ensuring that you meet all regulatory and statutory requirements and submit the necessary documents to the relevant authorities. We will advise you on what those requirements are. (see FAQs)
  • As a Company Secretary: According to Singapore law, all companies incorporated here must have a local company secretary.
  • Apply for the relevant work passes for you and your employees: Foreigners, whether unskilled, semi-skilled or skilled, working in Singapore require work passes. We can help you advise you on the requirements of these passes and apply for them. (See What is an employment pass? What is an entrepreneur pass? What is a dependent pass?)
  • Write and send official letters, notices or emails to government bodies, lawyers, banks, employees etc on your behalf.
  • Provide a local registered address.
  • Rent or purchase your office premises.
  • Purchase your office requirements, such as furniture, stationeries and other materials.
  • Provide logistic support.
  • Source for the necessary talent to man your office..
  • Facilitate the opening of bank accounts for the company, for you and your staff.
  • Expedite banking operations such as issuing cheques.
  • Set up and maintain your accounting and financial system.

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