Why should you consider Singapore?

Singapore, a vibrant and ever-evolving business centre is your ideal location for business opportunities. The Singapore government seeks to keep Singapore flourishing as a corporate headquarters, financial centre, shipping hub, research base, and haven for educational and health services. Strong trade and investment makes Singapore the most competitive Asian country and the world’s easiest place to do business.

1. Financial Hub

Foreign firms are given extra incentive to set up their business here as the Singapore tax rate is one of the lowest in Asia. This reinforces Singapore’s position as a key financial hub in the region.

2. Political Stability

The government policies are transparent and carried out wisely to boost the nation’s economy. One of such policies is the on-going acquiring of overseas talents to contribute to the expertise and capabilities for the country.

3. Information and Technology Systems

Advancements in Information Technology (IT) systems are enhanced by the government’s emphasis to innovation, and further boosted by the rapid growth in internet and e-commerce activities. IT is seen as a vital tool to evolve Singapore into an internationally competent business centre for investments and financial services.

4. Infrastructure

World class transportation, excellent telecommunications network, and sophisticated infrastructure in the fore-front of technology developments, has made Singapore the business city of choice for many international companies.

5. Productive Labour force

A highly educated, well-trained, bilingual and available workforce assists internationally-based organisations to expand their ventures in the Asia Pacific region.

6. Environment

Beautiful climate all year round, personal safety and quality of life attracting expatriates to make Singapore their home.

7. Health care

Outpatient clinics and pharmacies are well located throughout the country and well-equipped hospitals provide round the clock service for efficient health care service.

8. Legal system

The legal system of Singapore is based on the English common law system, and it has been recognised as one of the most efficient in Asia. With the rigorous enforcement of laws, investors find it safe and conducive to conduct business, and Global businesses find it advantageous to site their headquarters in Singapore. 

Companies can always rely on protection of their ideas and innovations through Singapore’s rigorous enforcement of its strong intellectual property laws.

9. Incentives for companies

With attractive tax rates, tax relief measures, no capital gains tax policy and network of Avoidance of Double Tax Agreements, among other ideal tax incentives, Singapore has drawn investors and entrepreneurs worldwide.

With a pro-foreign investment policy which encourages free enterprise and imposes no restrictions on foreign ownership, foreign investors have chosen to relocate to Singapore.      

In addition, Singapore's strong fundamentals stem from its reputation for trustworthiness, sound governance and a strong legal framework which would be worth full consideration. Please do examine the company’s requirements and we hope that Singapore would be suitable for your business in the near future.

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